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Cal Poly alumni Claire Villasenor is channeling her passion for fitness training into making a difference during the COVID-19 outbreak. Called “Core for a Cause,” her classes are done on Zoom, and anyone wanting to participate can message her on Instagram (@claire_villasenor) for the link.

“I’m not an essential worker, so I was like, ‘what could I do that’s within my power that I could provide for people?’” Villasenor said.

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Video by Kallyn Hobmann

These classes are donation based, and the first three classes raised $624. All proceeds are given to Peace Over Violence, a nonprofit dedicated to helping domestic abuse survivors.

“Think about [people] who are going through domestic abuse in their homes and now they’re being told they have to stay inside,” Villasenor said. “Me, and I’m sure so many other people… we take for granted just, like, having a safe home.”

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