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We have the lowdown on what gets the Cal Poly baseball team’s bats fired up. Check out these batters’ walk-up songs and why these tunes get them pumped as they approach the plate.

In batting order:

1. Tim Wise, outfielder


Walk-up song: “War is the Answer” by Five Finger Death Punch

“It just gets me pumped up to go hit,” Wise said.

2. Zack Zehner, outfielder


Walk-up song: “Birds Flying High” by DoughBoy

“My buddy told me about it on YouTube, and I just thought it was a good song, and it definitely gets me in the groove when I’m walking up to the plate,” Zehner said.

3. Nick Torres, outfielder 


Walk-up song: “Suavemente” by Elvis Crespo

“I thought it would be funny because when the other teams hear my last name, they think I may be coming straight from Mexico, but my teammates know I’m really not like that at all,” Torres said.

4. Brian Mundell, designated hitter


Walk-up song: “The Outsiders” by Eric Church

“I just listen to country all the time, and it’s a song that gets me fired up to hit, and it gets me in a good mood to be calm and go up to the plate,” Mundell said.

5. Jimmy Allen, third baseman


Walk-up song: “Jimmy Recard” by Drapht

“My name’s Jimmy, and I like the beat and the melody,” Allen said. “I just thought it was a catchy walk-up song.”

6. John Schuknecht, infielder


Walk-up song: “This is How We Roll” by Florida Georgia Line

“It’s one of my favorite songs right now, and my dad was always really into country, so it kind of stuck,” Schuknecht said.

7. Mark Mathias, infielder


Walk-up song: “Air Force Ones (instrumental)” by Nelly

“It’s a song that I’ve listened to ever since I’ve grown up, and it’s just its own thing that kind of pumps me up,” Mathias said.


8. Peter Van Gansen, shortstop


Walk-up song: “I Wish” by Skee-Lo

“Because he’s short,” his teammates said.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Gansen said. “I used it over summer ball and I liked it, so I just decided to do it this year.”

9. Chris Hoo, catcher 


Walk-up song: “Harder Than You Think” by Public Enemy

“I just like the beat of it,” Hoo said. “I listened to it over summer and it was awesome. I think it was one of my teammates who turned me on to it.”

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