Close-up of bikes on campus. Mustang News | File

On May 19, Cal Poly will be holding a contest to encourage more students and staff to ride their bicycles to school.

The competition will be held through the Inside Cal Poly Instagram page. Students and faculty are encouraged to post a story or selfie of themselves biking to work or school on campus.

The first 15 people to post and tag the Instagram account will win a $25 gift card to the Mustang Shop. 

Commuting accounts for nearly half of Cal Poly’s total campus carbon emissions, according to the Cal Poly Administration and Finance campus action section. Changing the way students and faculty commute to campus will help assist the city of San Luis Obispo in its plans to lower its carbon footprint.

Transportation and Parking Services also highlight that 33% of staff and faculty live within five miles of campus. This means biking to work or school could be a convenient alternative that reduces carbon emissions and simply promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Biking to school is made more convenient as Cal Poly has more than 7,700 bike rack spaces in more than 900 locations on campus. 

The contest is an opportunity to showcase the benefits of biking and encourage more people to adopt this more sustainable method of transportation. 

Those interpreted can follow Inside Cal Poly on Instagram to receive updates on Bike-to-Work Day and to learn more about events and resources on campus.