The Media Arts and Technologies: Cinematic Process (ISLA 341) is hosting two open casting calls – on May 8 from 2:15 to 5 p.m. and May 13 from 11:15 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Science Building (52), room 27.   

The casting call welcomes all members of the San Luis Obispo community ranging from ages seven to 70 and asks to come prepared with a one-minute monologue, a headshot and a resume. 

“We’re reaching out to the SLO and Cal Poly community, and anyone who’s local who’s interested in filling these roles because there really are just so many spots,” English junior and casting team member Issac Ruddell said. 

Those interested in participating are needed to be available to film over the next four weeks. 

Each film ranges in cast size as little as two to around seven.

Once the films are finished, they are set to be screened at the Palm Theatre in Downtown San Luis Obispo.

The short films were written by students taking ISLA 340, and then reviewed and voted on by the students in ISLA 341 on choosing which to film.

“We’ve got different genres like comedy, dark drama and an emotional piece,” Ruddell said.  

Currently, the six loglines are not included on the link tree, but the six film logline descriptions include: 

The Pact: A pair of reclusive young roommates obsessed with the prospect of death encounter a crossroads in their friendship when one becomes serious about the idea.

No Goop: When a passive young drive-thru worker finds himself having the worst day ever, he learns to stand up for himself in an absurd world thanks to his best friend after an alien unexpectedly crashes into their dining room.

To Meet in a Building: One unexpected night, two college boys become acquainted in a college building where both of them expect to be alone— until they discover a body. 

Early Retirement: When a hitman is promised $10 million in exchange for completing one last mission, she must assassinate her final target — her long-lost childhood sweetheart.

Avery’s New Studio: 11-year-old Avery Ashland devoted to the creation of her make-shift cardboard art studio must navigate the relationships that her father’s recent arrest has strained.

Letters From Purple Paradise: When a young California girl stops hearing from her penpal across the country, she flies to Maine in order to seek answers and discovers herself in an emotional taxi ride. 

“I’m hoping we get a good turnout,” Ruddell said. 

Those interested can view Cal Poly Films’ Linktree to view character descriptions and script excerpts. 

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