Ten research projects conducted by Cal Poly students and recent alumni will be presented at the 36th annual California State University (CSU) Student Research Competition.

The annual competition will take place on Friday and Saturday via Zoom.

The systemwide competition is open to students from all 23 CSU campuses and includes scholarly research projects from across academic disciplines.

The 10 projects representing Cal Poly were selected by the Academic Senate Grants Review Committee at the university’s internal competition on March 4 and 5.

Patrick Perrine, a computer science graduate student, was selected to present his research titled “Computational Choreography Using Human Motion Synthesis,” which was in collaboration with computer science graduate student Trevor Kirkby.

“Our project here was trying to answer the question of how well can computers predict human dance movements?” Perrine said. “We did have ambitions to get it published, but we knew that it wasn’t necessarily of interest to the very top conferences in our field. So, we were happy to just kind of take the experience from this and then hope that the CSU finds it interesting.”

This year’s competition will take place virtually. Participants had to submit a prerecorded video presentation of their research, which will be shown at the event, followed by a live Q&A. 

Psychology junior Ariadne Kaylor is presenting her research titled “Relationships Between OCD Symptoms, COVID Anxiety, and Cognitive Distortions.” Kaylor said she was excited for the Q&A portion now that the nerves of recording her video are gone.

After participating in the Cal Poly competition, she found the feedback and questions helpful to her as a researcher. 

“It definitely gave me some ideas about where to take the research next,” Kaylor said.

Participants will also have the chance to win cash prizes.

“I’m excited that these students and recent alums will have the opportunity to participate at the systemwide event and share their important research with the faculty, staff and students from across the CSU,” Jane Lehr, director of Cal Poly’s Office of Student Research, said in a news release. 

The full list of projects representing Cal Poly at the competition can be found on the University News website.