I was extremely disappointed in Matt Bushman’s Glass Half Full column that ran Wednesday. He fails to point out that the Republican majority imposes rules that restrict debate on the congressional floor on bills the GOP attempts to pass.

He did not mention that the privatization of Social Security was unpopular on both sides of Capitol Hill. Most recognized it as an easy way to abandon the government’s responsibility to U.S. citizens in favor of funding the war on terror and handing out tax credits to large corporations.

Further, he disregards the extreme partisanship employed by the Bush administration during the previous presidential election that still resonates throughout the political spectrum. The fact that scandals have been leaked recently does not make me question the Democrats’ “strategies” so much as the character and motives of the Republicans who were elected to office. That is what is most destructive to our country, not Nancy Pelosi’s “stonewalling” leadership.

I respect Matt’s opinion, but hope he can write editorials that express his point of view without being misleading.

Thank You.

Jennifer O’Donnell
Journalism junior

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