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In the world of football there is no bigger stage than the Super Bowl. This year, some people would like to compare this game to the traditional David vs. Goliath, and nobody is giving Seattle a fighting chance. But both teams had to go through some tough competition to get there. Many would’ve called Indianapolis Goliath, had they made it to the Super Bowl, and this year’s David knocked Peyton Manning and the Colts off their pedestal earlier this season. Imagine if Jerome Bettis’ fumble was picked up and run back for a touchdown, or the Denver Broncos actually showed up for the AFC title game ” we wouldn’t even be thinking of the Steelers as Goliath as they would be sitting at home and watching the game on TV.

The Seattle Seahawks have not been without a few big playoff games themselves. Going into the NFC championship game, they had the task of stopping the high-powered offense of Jack Delhomme and Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers. Snap back to a week prior when the league’s MVP was knocked out of the game in the first half and they had to win without him. Both teams deserve to be in this game. Both teams have played like champs.

Seattle offense vs. Blitzburgh

This year’s David comes in with a rather large stone to cast at Goliath with Shaun Alexander “The Great” in the backfield ” keeping him out of the end zone is easier said than done. Alexander comes in as the league MVP and a league-leading 28 touchdowns while the Steelers boast one of the toughest defenses in the league. In the class of the Titans, look for Seattle to keep Alexander in the game early and often with the play action pass game being used to get through the Steelers’ secondary. For the Steelers vaunted 3-defense, expect them to keep a blitzing and hard-hitting attack throughout the game. Blitzberg is back. This battlefront favors the Steelers.

Steeler offense vs. Seattle defense

Who would believe a second-year quarterback could have his team in the Super Bowl? The Steelers come in with a well-balanced attack. The key is Roethelsberger. His ability to throw will come in handy versus a Seattle secondary that comes in relinquishing on average 224.4 yards in the air. Along with the Steelers’ ability to run the ball, it should be a long day for Seattle. Seahawks’ rookie line-backer Lofa Tatupu comes in leading his team in tackles. Expect him to be all over the field. The key for the Seahawks will be to hold the Steelers from getting ahead by more than 11 points. This side of the battle also favors the Steelers.

Coach K predicts: If the Seahawks can keep the game close in the fourth and cause some turnovers they should be able to pull off the upset. However, I don’t see them able to slow down “The Bus” and the rest of the gang. Final score: 28-24 Steelers.

Coach “K” is a former Cal Poly football player who has turned in his pads for a pen and paper as a Mustang Daily football analyst. This week’s guest commentary gives Coach “K” a chance to offer his expert advice for the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl.

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