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Fans can hear the Venice Beach-inspired summer vibes of Australian singer Cody Simpson and his band the Tides’ latest EP, “Wave One,” at SLO Brew Oct. 22.

Simpson said this tour will be more laid back than his previous performances because of the smaller venue.

“For this tour, we’re doing six shows up California, all small venues, and it’s gonna be cool; a bit more of an intimate kind of thing,” Simpson said. “We’re looking forward to kind of debuting this new music live and really creating a cool, casual experience for the listeners and making something quite intimate.”

He also said that while he’s been to various parts of the California coast before, his performance Sunday will be his first time in San Luis Obispo.

“I’ve heard a lot of great things about it,” Simpson said. “I have friends that have been there and I’ve done the California road trip up the [highway] 1, but never actually been able to stop into San Luis Obispo, so I’m very excited to do it this time.”

One of the songs Simpson and his band will perform on this tour is  “Waiting for the Tide,” which is Simpson’s favorite track out of the four on the EP.

“It’s kind of the title track for the band,” Simpson said. “Lyrically, it stems from a poem that I’d written, an environmental kind of poem and the song lyrics kind of hint at sea level rise and environmentalism, things like that. I’ve liked it ever since I wrote it on the acoustic guitar.”

Simpson also said he hopes audiences will pick up on specific messages he’s incorporated into some of the songs. He wants the audience to enjoy themselves and get into the music.

“I’d like them to take away some of the messaging, some of the messages that we want to portray on stage and like, the environmentalism and things like that,” Simpson said. “Just an all around good experience, and hopefully solidify some lifelong fans of ours and keep people coming back next time we come. We just want to have a good time.”

He hopes that he influences his audiences and he looks forward to seeing their reactions to the band’s performance and new music.

“We want to leave an impression on anyone that comes to see us,” Simpson said. “I’m looking forward to coming and visiting, looking forward to playing, looking forward to jamming.”

Visit the SLO Brew website for tickets and more information.

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