Ryan Chartrand

Laughter is said to be the best medicine. This Saturday, be prepared to be healed. The “Friends of the Bob and Tom Show Comedy Tour” is coming to the Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m.

The tour is featuring four comedians, Auggie Smith, Greg Warren, Henry Phillips, Mike Birbiglia and host Mike Macrae, who are frequent guests on the syndicated morning comedy radio show, “The Bob and Tom Show.”

“We are all good friends,” said Birbiglia, 28, a headlining comedian. “That’s why we are touring together.”

The show has different combinations of comedians at most of the shows, according to “The Bob and Tom Show” Web site, www.bobandtom.com.

Bob and Tom host the popular show, Birbiglia said. “They asked me to do a segment on the show called ‘Secret Public Journal,’ where I read my journal on air from the road,” he said.

It is all jokes and stories from the life of a comedian. That is how I became a regular on the show, said Birbiglia.

The show is syndicated in 39 states and the state with the most stations is Michigan. Bob and Tom are both over 50 years old and they have been doing the show since early 1983, according to their Web site.

Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold have won numerous awards including a few Marconi Awards for their show. Not only is the show popular, but the pair donate some of the revenue to various charities, according the their Web site.

Two people highly involved in the show are Kristi Lee, the news director and Chick McGee, the sports director. Both are on the show every morning and have been involved for some time, according to the Web site.

Comedians come on the show daily and do bits. Some are on so often they have been named friends of the show. This includes comedians like Jim Breuer, Tim Allen, Jeff Foxworthy and Stephen Lynch, according to the Web site.

The group of men coming to the PAC, “The Band of Bachelors,” has appeared on BET and Comedy Central, according to the PAC Web site, www.pacslo.org.

“I’m very excited,” said Birbiglia. “I think San Luis Obispo will be more my speed,” he said.

The group came up with something to close the show with, Birbiglia said. “It brings the show together and I really think you will like it,” said Birbiglia.

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