Jack Ingram’s most recent column (Nov. 15) was ridiculous. Whether I agree with his point of view or not is irrelevant; in the words of Voltaire, I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it. However, I must ask that if Mr. Ingram, or any columnist for that matter, expresses an opinion, value or moral, then they would stand by it. In his commentary, Ingram stated that it was a social disease when a dissenting voice is raised and people personally attack the dissenter.

Obviously, Mr. Ingram understood the letter to the editor as a personal attack on him. His reaction, though, was to reply to his critic with an attack over twice as long! So in effect, when a voice of dissent rose against him, he responded with a personal attack. It is my opinion that this is irresponsible editorial journalism. Commentaries are meant to breed discussion and raise others opinions; and that’s what they should be expected to do. Not everyone will agree with you; in fact, some will adamantly fight against you.

As a columnist it is something you should get used to. To use the power of journalism to attack and disparage others with bitter words and sarcastic phrases is in a column changes the whole dialogue from thought-provoking commentary to petty and injurious rancor. Please, leave paltry grudges out of the commentaries; put them in the letters section, where they most often appear anyway.

Justin Gonzales

Business administration senior

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