Thai-Vietnamese Student Association/Courtesy Photo

Hungry bellies and festive attitudes are welcome on campus this weekend for the annual CultureFest.

The free event is put on by Cal Poly’s Cross Cultural Centers and co-sponsored by more than 30 clubs and organizations on campus. The event is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 17 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Dexter Lawn.

This year’s “Carnaval” theme was inspired by Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and was chosen by a student panel at the Cross Cultural Centers for its fun vibrancy.

“We try to pick something with a lot of energy and spirit,” Cross Cultural Centers Coordinator William Hatchet said. “Something with some international flavor… so we’ll have a colorful, fun event.”

Multicultural Center Coordinator Que Dang said CultureFest is a way to “draw in the community.”

“We asked how Cal Poly can give back, and said, ‘Oh, let’s put on this community event,’” Dang said. 

Since then, the event has only grown, and is now expected to pull in approximately 500-700 people throughout the day, according to Hatchet.

CultureFest is open to both students and the public. Attendees should expect a celebration, highlighted with a diverse spread of food and music.

“Students cook and sell food (at CultureFest) that you don’t find every day,” Hatchet said. “We’ll also have a DJ coming up from L.A. and a local samba group.”

For questions or more information, visit the CultureFest’s Facebook event.

“It’s definitely a good way for first-year students to get exposed to some of the clubs on campus,” Hatchet said. “Everyone should check it out — pass through. Even if it’s just for a minute.” 

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