In my four years at Cal Poly, I have never had a compelling enough reason to write to the Mustang Daily opinion section. However, it looks like I will not be graduating without having written at least one letter since David Bailey is running for the College of Science and Mathematics Board of Directors position.

David and I worked together for a professor this summer on his research project so I got to know him fairly well. After having worked with him for the better half of the summer, I can assure students in the College of Science and Mathematics that he is an excellent choice to be representing us.

David is a person with just the right mix of skills necessary for the job. He communicates with the people he is working with, takes the leadership role when appropriate to do so, and has the motivation to get the job done right. Vote for David Bailey to be the link between COSAM students and Cal Poly student policy and programs.

Corina Bigham

Kinesiology senior

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