I have a few things I would like to address. First off, thanks for canceling fight night five days before the scheduled date. Second, I don’t understand how it takes three whole months for you, the director of student life to see that an event (such as Fraternity Fight Night that has been widely advertised for the past quarter) is going to take place this weekend. Don’t you think that being in such a high position would enable you to foresee any problems with this event? And to say “it flew under my radar” sounds like an excuse my mom would give me when I was 12. Also, we’re not “just beating” each other up. We have been training the whole quarter, developing our skills and at any point if one of the fighters were getting “beat up” as you put it, the referees would stop the fight to prevent injury. This event is not just a bunch of “frat guys” looking to knock each other out, we’re competing against one another for charity, which brings me to my next point. Most of the proceeds would have gone to the Special Olympics of SLO (possibly thousands of dollars) and to take that away from them is a crime in itself. Maybe you should be the one to explain to the needy children of the Special Olympics why they won’t be receiving their anticipated donation. Thanks again Mr. Barclay.

Michael Higaki

Environmental horticulture science senior

Sigma Nu

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