Ryan Chartrand

How nice to see you regurgitate what you have learned in Ms. Foroohar’s biased class.

Obviously, you do not even know how to read or understand facts. What I said in my comments about the terrorist attacks in Israel was that the terrorist killed the Jews.

Did you have any problem with that fact? Or should I have just said Israelis?

You see, the terrorist actually and deliberately targeted Jews in a Yeshiva (no Muslims there), not just Israelis. Because unlike Arab states, the Israel that you learned from Ms. Foroohar to call an apartheid state does have Muslims and Christians in it, too. But the terrorist, who is actually an Israeli Arab, targeted the Jewish, albeit Israeli, students in a Yeshiva, but you call that fighting against occupation. Similarly, the Hamas terrorists launch rockets at civilians in Sderot and kill innocent people.

But you call that resistance too. How nice.

I will not quote Fox News (when did I do that?); instead please read the article on page 1 of the April 1 New York Times. See how Hamas clergy call for the killing of Jews, not just Israelis. Also see how like Ms. Foroohar and now yourself, they call for the destruction of Israel altogether, not just fighting against occupation (did you learn in your class why this occupation even happened in 1967?).

And if your teacher did not teach you, in 63 BCE it was the Jews who lived in Israel, not Palestinians (no such country), for more than 1300 years. Did she teach you that too?

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