Ryan Chartrand

Editor’s note: The original title of this article was incorrectly written to read “Delta Sigma Pi.” The correct fraternity referenced in the letter is “Delta Sigma Phi.” The Mustang Daily apologizes for the confusion.

As of late, I’ve read several articles in the Mustang Daily promoting greek life. These articles speak of the desire to achieve true brotherhood and sisterhood among respectable, well-rounded individuals. Last night, while walking to the bus, I was appalled to see DSP’s latest and greatest sandwich board featuring the shadow outline of a girl pulling down her panties. The sign is stationed right outside the Rec Center and instantly conjured up memories of the infamous CP salsa posters. At least the salsa posters were tucked away throughout campus instead of being smack dab in front of the gym where any visiting professional or parent can see.

I thought rush was a time when fraternities seek out quality, well-balanced men to join their brotherhood. I can imagine the “quality” of the new rushees this board will attract. Come on DSP, get some class. To be honest, I don’t know how any girl on campus can respect a guy walking around in DSP letters. In fact, I can’t believe the IFC, which tries to deny such classic stereotypes, allows such an advertisement to be displayed. IFC, as you said yourself, “hold them to a higher standard” and have DSP remove this derogatory sign.

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