It appears that Matt Bushman has become as disconnected to reality as the president his last name pays homage to. He appears to believe that choosing Democrats to lead the House of Representatives is “stagnation,” while retaining the absolute disaster that is the Republican House leadership would qualify as “progress toward the American Dream.”

I would ask Mr. Bushman to describe what exactly this Republican House has done to make life better for any but the richest Americans, or to progress toward the “American Dream.” In the past 12 years this country has gone from a $69 billion surplus to a $1.4 trillion deficit. It has entered into a disastrous war in Iraq that costs millions of dollars and several American lives daily. There has been no solution to the pressing issues of Social Security or immigration. Who has presided over all of this “progress?” Rubberstamp Republicans and their failed conservative policy.

The House Democratic leadership, led by Nancy Pelosi, has already laid out a long list of legislation they will enact within the first 100 hours of Democratic House control. These include the raising of the federal minimum wage, cutting interest rates on student loans, allowing direct negotiation with drug companies to lower drug costs for seniors, and broadening stem cell research, all the while restoring fiscal responsibility by forcing Congress to “pay as it goes,” ensuring no growth in the national deficit.

Now Mr. Bushman, which party offers a more authentic version of progress toward the American Dream?

Zach Austin
Political science junior

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