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It is a well known fact that people are not always going to get along; however, the way people show their disagreement is a true reflection of their character.

The Cal Poly rodeo is coming up and rodeo team members have worked hard all year preparing for this event. This rodeo is the team’s main source of income for the year so they have posted signs around the campus advertising the event.

Signs on campus show a group named “Animal Perspective” is looking to protest the event. The group has been going around campus tearing down rodeo signs and replacing them with their own signs stating the logo, “buck the rodeo.” Although rodeo team members do not always agree with certain groups, they would never be so disrespectful as to tear down others’ signs. Tearing down signs is simply lacking common courtesy and respect. I recognize and appreciate freedom of speech but in this case, tearing down signs is limiting others’ freedom of speech.

The rodeo is under constant scrutiny and I would like to clear up any confusion regarding animal treatment in the rodeo. The livestock are fed better than many people, they have constant veterinary check-ups and even have protective wrapping on their horns.

Rodeo cowboys and cowgirls depend on the livestock for their livelihood and go to extremes to keep the livestock in peak condition. Why would they harm what they rely on?

I would also like to add that the people who care about animals the most and promote the proper treatment of animals, veterinarians, support the rodeo and rope cattle themselves.

The Cal Poly rodeo team members are keeping high spirits and are doing their best to promote the truth about rodeos as they celebrate a tradition of ranching. Please come support the Cal Poly rodeo this weekend on Friday and Saturday night at the rodeo event arena. You will be supporting more than the rodeo because the rodeo represents good old-fashioned respectful character.

Alexis White is an agricultural communications senior.

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