Chief of Racism at Cal Poly, Humza Chowdhry, recently wrote an article title “Zionists and the real terrorists.” I was shocked! I did not know that the same Zionist-controlled media would allow such degenerate lies to be published by Humza.

The democratically-elected leaders of the death worshiping residents in Gaza and the West Bank (Hamas) have recently met with our good friends, The Islamic Republic of Iran. They have decided that they are going to start a business together. It’s called Armageddon Incorporated. The Palestinian people have WILLINGLY elected a government that is the closest ally to a regime who is being led by the Hitler of our times.

This conflict is not about a group of people who have taken a desolate piece of land and turned it into one the most advanced societies within a 1,000 miles of anything that resembles humanity (Israel). This is also not about a group of people who give birth to what their leaders refer to as human “weapons” (Hamas). This is about the truth. The more racist infidels like Humza try to write such lies and hate about some of the most peaceful people in this world, the less chance we have for peace.

I would like to drive up for Humza’s graduation and actually celebrate his long over due departure from Cal Poly. His future employer, Armageddon Incorporated, should consider changing it’s business plan. Instead of selling hate, why not sell some hummus!

Kouroush Cyrus Somekhian


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