Ryan Chartrand

Your roommates will change, grades will fluctuate, stress levels will go in cycles and the scales will probably go up and down during your college career.

But no matter what else changes, the Mustang Daily will be there with you through it all.

Tell your parents not to worry (while they still try to call you every day) because we’ll be more comforting than a bowl of cereal at 2 a.m. while studying for a final.

We’ll be the ones entertaining you while you sit in your uncomfortable desk before class, not wanting to just stare at the fliers on the walls. That’s right, we’ve got both Sudoku and the New York Times Crossword Puzzle every day.

Best of all, the Mustang Daily makes you smarter. Did you know that Cal Poly is ranked the 11th best golf school for men and women in the country according to Golf Digest Magazine?

Did you know that most departments on campus are unprepared for the next big earthquake? This includes the journalism department, which is currently stocked with bags of mustard packets, expired boxes of water and space blankets.

And did you know that the Mustang Daily won four awards in a statewide contest for journalism excellence earlier this year? And the advertising staff pulled in another three at a national contest including best marketing package.

Our reporters are all Cal Poly students who are part of an advanced reporting class. Columnists, however, can come from all majors and will not only appear in the paper every day, but will spill onto our Web site, www.mustangdaily.net, too.

Our most exciting new column this year will be “Traveler Checks,” which will be written every Thursday by different Cal Poly students studying abroad. We’ve tracked down students studying everywhere from Germany, Prague, Spain and beyond.

Mustang Daily editors spend countless hours five days a week in the newsroom to keep you informed and updated. We strive for accuracy in every article so if something’s not quite right, let us know.

And if you ever have an idea that you think would make for a great Mustang Daily story, don’t hesitate to send it our way. You can always send us press releases and e-mails at mustangdaily@gmail.com.

We also get giddy over letters to the editors, which you can send to mustangdailyopinions@gmail.com.

If you put in for the Mustang Daily, we’ll put out for you.

Editorials reflect the opinion of the Mustang Daily.

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