There is a fee referendum Feb. 22-23 to increase mandatory fees for Instructionally Related Activities (IRA). It is funny how a lot of silly people think this has something to do with ASI. This IRA fee has absolutely no connection with ASI; however, I will encourage everybody to vote so that you gain the benefit of being disproportionately representative here on campus. If you vote it is just like being elected to vote for everybody who decided not to vote. Student Affairs has information posted at

One thing ASI is doing this year with respect to student fees is working on lobbying the state government so the Governor’s proposed fee buyout is approved by the legislature and our fees do not go up 8 percent next year. It is still early in the budget process so if you are concerned about student fees it is a good time to join lobby corps. Visit: for more info.

It also helps students if more of us are registered to vote. The more registered voters in the student population, the more legislators will listen. Registration forms are practically everywhere, in the student government office, at the registration desk of every residence hall, probably at Student Life and Leadership office, and elsewhere on campus. With more registered voters the senate may even think twice before cutting $12.7 billion to student loans in the next budget reconciliation bill.

FYI: ASI candidate filing for elections is now, so fill out a candidate application if you wish to run.

Jay Hann

Mathematics senior

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