“…To all the Republicans out there, you shouldn’t miss the chance to listen to an intelligent Republican speak on campus because they don’t come that often.” (Referring to Mason Weaver in Brian Eller’s Feb. 21 column.)

First, I would like to thank Eller for his contributions to the Mustang Daily. Engaging students in political discourse promotes a healthy awareness of the world in which we live.

Second, since when have Fox News polls become representative samples of our nation’s Democrats? When dogmatic Republicans began to believe it was so. Let’s call it faith.

Third, the Iraq war. How may we define “victory” in Iraq? Toppling the government of Saddam Hussein, victorious; locating and disposing of Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction,” defeat; weakening the credibility and authority of the United Nations, victorious; Curbing the frequency of significant terrorist attacks in the region and world wide, defeat.

Lastly, column writing is a form of campus speech.

Gregory Bramson
Social sciences junior

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