Ryan Chartrand

I was pleased to see on page 3 of the April 17 edition the full-page advertisement publicizing that our university does not allow Big Tobacco to advertise at our campus rodeo. I applaud the university for thinking of our health.

However, I’m disappointed that there still is a Cal Poly Rodeo at all. Rodeos are cruel and have no place in a civilized society. Gentle animals such as horses, steer, and calves are provoked into “wild” behavior using cruel methods like spurs and straps around their abdomens. Even when they’re not physically injured (but often they are), they’re in pain and frightened during rodeo events.

A school with such an esteemed agricultural community should have more respect for animals than that. Thank you for choosing the health of our academic community over the tobacco industry. Now, I ask you chose animal welfare over cruel and archaic entertainment.

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