At The Great American Melodrama Theatre, audiences can spend an evening laughing and enjoying new contemporary shows. From the moment they step through the door, they can expect a warm welcome. With actors directing audience members to their seats and offering refreshments at the snack bar, audiences receive entertainment the minute they walk in. 

Located on Front Street in Oceano, the Melodrama is the only live professional theater by the beach out of each of the nearest five cities. 

Melodrama performs year-round and is open to all ages. It presents comedy musicals in a “melodramatic style.” Melodrama is an expressive, extravagant style that brings vibrance to performances. Their performances put a contemporary twist on theater, bringing melodrama to the 21st century. 

Some shows are original from the Melodrama Theatre, featuring unique, never before seen performances. Some performances put a twist on well-known songs by changing the lyrics to be specific to the show, eliciting a sense of familiarity and curiosity.

Song genres may differ as well for each show. From folk to pop to traditional Broadway music, the Melodrama Theatre offers a wide range of styles. All shows are accompanied by a live piano player who plays before and throughout the show, adding to the ambiance of a scene. 

They don’t only offer one type of performance, but an additional comedy musical experience. Consisting of around 12 to 14 songs, audiences can experience the actors singing and dancing about a specific theme. 

Melodrama offers a dining experience to accompany their performances. Audiences can choose from a selection of stadium-style foods such as hot dogs, drinks and popcorn.

The ordering experience itself is a performance. Actors in the show will take audience orders using 1950s diner slang. They will also sing when thanking individuals for tips. 

Exceptional and talented actors from local areas and around the country put on wonderful performances while getting to interact with audience members. From greeting audience members when they enter the theater, to working the snack bar and interacting with individuals during intermission, Melodrama actors make the theater experience memorable. 

Melodrama is family-friendly and offers various discounts. For students, seniors, active military and groups, they offer the best value for entertainment on the Central Coast. The theater provides a complete evening of entertainment and joy with affordable ticket and dining prices. 

Melodrama has been a part of the community for 48 years, creating a place where families can make lasting memories. Full-time and year-round, Melodrama welcomes you to join them for a fun, affordable evening that can also serve as a special tradition.