Ryan Chartrand

Dressing up isn’t something just to do on Halloween night anymore. No, here in San Luis Obispo, students love costume parties and some of them get pretty creative. A costume is pretty much required. Sure, you could go in a tank top and jeans, but what’s the fun in that? This is college, after all. But never fear, there are some items that work for many different themes, so you can pay tuition and still attend costume parties dressed to the nines!

1. Cowboy hats

San Luis Obispo, cowboy hats work for any country or western-themed bash, as well as any sports parties. They’re also great for line-dancing at The Graduate on Thursday nights!

2. Boas
Whether made of real feathers or polyester, these are great fun to jazz up any outfit. They come in a variety of colors and work especially well for decades parties (come dressed in the era of your choice) and ’80s prom (exactly what it sounds like.)

3. Cat-eye glasses
These are a sexy staple for many theme parties. It works great for office parties (as a sexy secretary or corporate ho), decades parties, celebrity parties and nerd costumes.

4. Aviator sunglasses
These are an easy way to give off a “hot stuff” vibe. Great for celebrity, army and Eurotrash themes. Plus, who doesn’t love “Top Gun”?

5. Fishnets/leggings/knee socks
These are one of Costume Capers’ most popular items, according to employee Keith Wetzel. They are cheap, come in assorted colors and can accessorize any outfit.
They’re good for things like WTF parties (wear the most random stuff possible,) ’80s prom, Eurotrash and Red light/Green light (dress up in a color that corresponds to your relationship status).

6. Bling
These flashy, rhinestone encrusted dollar signs are suprisingly versatile and are the top-selling item at Costume Capers for men, Wetzel said. Whether you’re a Mafia man, gangster, pimp or big-time CEO, this item is sure to enhance your outfit.

7. Bandanas
This is another basic accessory that enhances many outfits. Particularly good for any western/country theme, gangster theme or sports theme.

8. “Wife-beater” tank tops
White shirts are particularly useful for highlighter parties, but can be used for sports or gangster parties as well.

9. Camouflage-printed clothing
Whether you’re off to the jungle, going on a safari or heading out to an army party, having something in this print is very useful. It can be anything, from a shirt to pants or even just a bandana.

10. Crazy dress or shirt
Flashy and wild, colorful and crazy, these will come in handy whether you need an ’80s prom, decades, or WTF outfit. If it’s crazy enough, you can twist it to fit any theme.

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