I would like address your claim that the ‘Activities since 9/11 have been counterproductive to counter-terrorism; adding fuel to the fire that is global terrorism.’

Ah . . . I think I finally understand. The killing of terrorists doesn’t seem to be doing the job; why don’t we sit down and talk with them? Wouldn’t that be the next logical, civilized and proper option, FOR ME TO POOP ON!

The next time you ascend your Soap-Box, please wow us all with your deep understanding of international relations and explain how one would better support counter-terrorism, but I digress.

You and countless others have made the assertion again and again that the Iraqi war has only ‘exacerbated’ the hatred towards America. These Muslim terrorists need not a reason to attack America (i.e. The USS Cole, 1995 WTC bombing, 1998 Yemen Embassy bombings). Our military should have been on the offensive kicking ass a long time ago; unfortunately, our previous president was too focused on salvaging his personal image to deal with the threat from overseas.

They hate us because we’re successful; because we treat women with dignity, and most importantly because we support democracy in the face of oppression all over the world (do I dare play the Iraqi card?) They hate us because of who we are and what we stand for; freedom. Back in the day Chamberlain screwed it up, this time we won’t. Remember Jack, your opinions are always welcome, just not the stupid ones. Think and publish what you may, for that’s the great thing about living in America; everyone has the right to be wrong.

Scott Nordholm

Civil engineering senior

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