In the coming months, look no further than Cal Poly campus for quality extracurricular entertainment.

This Fall, ASI looks to build on the success of last year’s Spring Stampede by hosting exciting, innovative events that appeal to a wide possible range of students.

Concerts tend to garner the most interest from the student body, so ASI is looking to go bigger and better than in the past.

Missi Allison-Bullock, ASI Program Coordinator, said a sizable sunset concert is in the works. While the specific genre has yet to be determined, it will likely stay along rock or alternative lines.

“We did hip-hop for (Spring Stampede) primarily, so we’re looking to do something a little bit different this time,” said Allison-Bullock. “We want to mix it up for the students.”

In addition to the sunset concert, ASI will hold multiple smaller concerts in the UU plaza. Those performances might not enjoy the name-recognition draw of international superstars, but they are intended to showcase local talent, including that of Cal Poly students.

The musical productions might not end up being the proverbial stars of the Fall ASI show. Allison-Bullock said that one of the focal points of the schedule is a brand-new type of multi-day event around Halloween.

“(We want to) make something large and hopefully really exciting for the students happen on that weekend,” she said.

Halloween is still in the planning stages, so nothing is set in stone, but expect to find a wide variety of activities in and around the UU. Those activities may include something intriguingly referred to as “iceless” ice skating.

Quality entertainment does come with an environmental responsibility, after all.

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