When I received the news that my parents were visiting SLO for the weekend, I found myself wondering how I could show them around town while providing a rejuvenating experience that would combat their travel exhaustion. I had heard about theCity Tour provided by East Wellbeing Spafrom a friend who often raved about their holistic meditation classes and blissful massage packages. She said she felt especially connected to her experiences at East Wellbeing Spa because of the considerate care she received from the staff during all of her visits, so I had a good feeling their City Tour would be intentional and impactful as well.

East Wellbeing Spa offers a $2 taxi service to welcome anyone in SLO to their spa. Once my family and I arrived, we were delighted by the luxurious environment, friendly greetings and an assortment of authentically brewed tea. Our tour not only showed us the reasons to appreciate all that SLO has to offer, but also explored ways we can incorporate appreciation and mindfulness into our everyday lives to improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Our guide took the time to personally connect with each person, and in turn knew exactly how to emphasize the unique details of SLO that resonated with us. By the end of the tour, my parents were already promising our guide that they would attend East Wellbeing’s Beer & Wine Tour next time they were in town. The experience made it easy for my parents to start planning their return and reminded me why I love to call SLO home.

To book a reservation, call or text 805-542-9500 or visit www.eastwellbeing.comfor more information.

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