Ryan Chartrand

I am writing concerning the disturbing images of aborted fetuses located on Dexter Lawn. Let me first say that I am a firm believer and supporter of the first amendment right to free speech. However, I also believe that the disturbing display violates my rights as a Cal Poly student. My foremost grievance is that the display does not allow myself or other students an adequate choice to be exposed to such graphic images. I found myself physically and psychologically shaken by only brief exposure to such images. In doing so, this display affected my ability to learn in classes and thus violated my rights as a student.

Likewise, I found myself making a significant detour just to avoid the display. As a student, I should have the right to walk through any part of campus and not feel psychologically threatened. Furthermore, this display is insensitive to students who have been impacted by abortion. I can only imagine the negative impact this display is having on them and their studies.

In conclusion, I demand that my rights and the rights of fellow students be protected through the installation of visual barriers or the removal of this display.

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