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Hey Cal Poly! Go get your flu shot! Your parents aren’t here, so we’ll tell you for them. Why? Because we care, that’s why!

Each year about 36,000 Americans die from complications due to the flu, that’s almost the entire population of San Luis Obispo!

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), October and November are the best months to get your flu shot to stay healthy throughout flu season.

Do you really think that you can outsmart the flu? Remember that influenza is a respiratory disease that spreads in tiny droplets of mucus in the air. This could come from a sneeze, a cough, or even that soda you just shared with your roommate. Most healthy adults can still infect each other one day before symptoms start and up to five days after they have become sick. Because of this, the flu can spread quickly, especially in close quarters like in your classes or on your dorm floor. So, if you think that you’re invincible, you better think again.

Are you assuming you won’t be able to get a shot? Lucky for you, there won’t be a shortage of vaccines this year.

On Monday, the CDC began distributing flu vaccinations for all Americans. This means that even if you are not at a high-risk for developing complications from the flu, you can still get your shot.

If you have a chronic condition that may compromise breathing or your immune response such as asthma, diabetes or a seizure disorder, you are considered to be one of the 185 million Americans at high-risk for developing complications due to the flu and should not procrastinate.

Are you making excuses not to go? Is it because you are dreading the awful pain of the needle piercing your skin? If you are, then we’re sorry. While the vaccine can be associated with soreness or redness at the injection site, the actual flu causes muscle aches and a fever of more than 101 degrees, so perhaps you should weigh the trade off.

If you really can’t stand the sight of a needle, search out flu clinics in you area and see if anyone is offering the flu vaccination as a new nifty nasal spray.

Don’t know where to go? Well, the health center is offering vaccinations to students. You should also keep an eye out for a list of clinics in your area.

Do you think you can’t afford it? The Cal Poly Health Center thinks you can. Soon they will be offering the injection for $11 to Cal Poly students.

Out of excuses? We thought so.

So don’t make us tell you twice, go get your flu shot and stay healthy, Cal Poly!

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