Credit: File / Mustang News

Fremont Theater in Downtown San Luis Obispo hosts a variety of shows attended by different age groups of the community. While the theater debuts a diverse set of artists, they also are responsible for putting on different themed nights.

Some of these themed nights include: Emo Night, Gimme Gimme Disco and Taylor Swift Night. 

Fremont Theater’s marketing director Dana Greer said these nights are a fun way to bring together different groups of people with the same interests and “celebrate the music you love.” 

These themed nights happen close to every month and aren’t repeated in any specific order. 

The main goal of the nights according to Greer is to, “make sure it’s what the fans in SLO are looking for and it’s something everyone can enjoy.”

An attendee of Taylor Swift night on Feb. 3 went with her roommate and some friends. Psychology senior Danielle Hyde described the atmosphere as “fun and energetic.”

It was crowded but, “not in a bad way,” Hyde said. “If you wanted more space you could go sit or stand in the auditorium seats.”

Hyde also said these shows allow for more dancing than a normal concert because it’s advertised more as a “dance party.” She also compared the $44 tickets to normal concerts that tend to be more expensive.

Nutrition freshman Ellie Moffatt attended the Gimme Gimme Disco night on Feb. 4. 

Mofatt said when observing the crowd the, “demographic was all age ranges but mostly girls.” 

While each night differs in popularity, Greer said each theme has their own loyal fans who return each time. 

Emo Night on Feb. 10 hosted around 1,000 emo fans.

Fremont also tries to switch it up by hosting some differing themes such as Zach Bryan night on Jan. 27. 

Some of these loyal fans also attended Emo Night. Plant science sophomore Lizabeth Juarez-Gutierrez went with her roommate and some friends.

Juarez-Gutierrez noticed that the crowd was, “All dressed in different types of emo style.” She specifically went dressed in a grungy t-shirt, jeans and fishnets. 

She said they went in with no expectations and after going she had a great time. 

The crowd was “pumped” and “the band on the stage were really great interacting with the crowd,” said Juarez-Gutierrez.

Upcoming themed nights include Noche De Verano Sin Ti (Bad Bunny Birthday Bash) on March 9, UH2BT K-Pop Night on March 10 and Gimme Gimme Disco on March 17.

Those interested in the lineup of upcoming themed nights and to purchase tickets can visit Fremont Theater’s website.