Students living on campus are required to move out of the dorms by Nov. 21, according to the Cal Poly Housing website. This means that for students living on campus, they will have to move out the week before finals week, whereas last year students would normally stay on-campus through finals.

Industrial technology and packaging freshman Evan Kim said he is sad to be moving home early.

“I think it is nice that I get to see my family again and go back home but I am also really sad that I do not get to spend more time with the friends I made here in college,” Kim said. “It is a lot more fun hanging around people than just being alone in my room doing work.” 

Kim said he had a slight concern about COVID-19 when it came to moving back home to his family. 

“I feel like there is always the little fear that COVID-19 is coming back with me,” Kim said. “But I feel like me and a lot of other people are taking as much precaution as they can to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Journalism freshman Addison Le Claire said that moving out before finals is going to be more stressful .

“I feel like it will be more stressful because finals and moving out are all at the same time,” Le Claire said. 

Le Claire, who is currently living on-campus, plans on staying on campus for Winter quarter because she likes to be in the college environment.

“If I was at home I feel like it would be a lot harder for me to focus and get my work done,” Le Claire said. “Here [at Cal Poly] everyone is always working so hard and trying to get their work done that you just feel even more motivated to get your stuff done.” 

Computer science freshman Miriam Hurtado said she is going to stay on-campus because she has more freedom mental health-wise.

“I am mentally healthy here compared to being home, which I know is pretty common for most students here [at Cal Poly],” Hurtado said. “Getting the taste of freedom makes you yearn for more, so that is why I want to stay.”

Alternatively, communication studies freshman Lily Hanson is strongly considering deferring housing and living at home for the Winter quarter. 

“I feel like Cal Poly is trying their best to be good about COVID-19, but it is still a college campus,” Hanson said. 

Hanson said that she thinks doing college online from home would be easier than being on-campus and that it would not be hard to adjust to being back home.

“In college there are so many distractions all the time, like doing stuff with friends,” Hanson said. “It would be a lot easier to focus on school and work and stay safe from COVID-19 [at home].” 

Freshmen who decided to stay at home for Fall quarter are also considering housing for Winter quarter as well, and business administration freshman Jasmine Le has hopes for moving onto campus. 

“The reason I want to move on [campus] is because I think it will be a better experience to start my college experience in-person and meet new people,” Le said. “I do not want to be going onto campus for the first full time as a sophomore rather than as a freshman.” 

Le said needing space at home is hard when it comes to doing classes.

“You just need your own private space and it is hard to get that when it is at home,” Le said. “I want to make new friends and get into my new environment because I feel like I am kind of stuck if I am at home.”

Business administration freshman Paige Arai said she is strongly thinking about moving into the dorms for Winter quarter because of the freedom that being on campus offers.

“Even if we are restricted there is still a lot more freedom and opportunity to meet more people and to get more of a college experience if I am actually on campus,” Arai said. 

Arai said what she was most looking forward to once she gets to live on campus.

“Just having the opportunity to live somewhere else for the first time is an exciting notion itself and to also have the chance to decorate my dorm room, which is something I was looking forward to a lot,” Arai said. “I want to have a chance to really [and] genuinely socialize with the people who I have become friends with over the virtual SLO setting.” 

However, not all freshmen plan on going to San Luis Obispo. Civil engineering freshman Leonardo Juarez, who deferred housing for Fall quarter, has chosen to stay home for Winter quarter to save money on housing.

“I am still getting used to doing college work,” Juarez said. “So I think being at home kind of helps because then I have that support system with my mom and sister.” 

Juarez is already thinking ahead and said that he plans on trying to move onto campus for Spring quarter.

“I do plan on going for the Spring so I can kind of do that transition to being more independent and also getting out there in general,” Juarez said.“I think because [Cal Poly] has had some hiccups [with COVID-19] that they can learn from it.” 

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