As part of their ongoing Gender Buffet series, the Gender Equity Center (GEC) hosted a discussion on men’s rights and their place in the world in the face of feminism on Jan. 17.

Ethnic studies junior Logan Cooper facilitated event, beginning with a short explanation of the men’s rights movement, as well as the definition of a feminist.

After the brief introduction, he opened the floor to the students and staff in the room, asking how they identify. The groups didn’t stay on the topic of identification long, though, and the conversation flowed easily. The discussion ranged from social expectations for men and women, to what the modern role of feminism looks like, to sexual assault.

Environmental management and protection sophomore Daryl Dingman appreciated the event’s open discussion. Although there were different opinions being thrown around, he said, no one was “catty,” like some other discussions he’s participated in.

“The best part was people not feeling afraid of saying what they wanted to say,” he said. “This really got somewhere.”

-Kayla Missman

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