At the risk of sounding cliched: nice guys finish last. It’s the truth and I, at the risk of sounding arrogant, am a nice guy. I’ve been told multiple times that I’m a “catch” and “husband-material.” Problem is that girls aren’t looking for “husbands.” Girls are looking for a “bad boy.” You know, the guy who treats them like dirt and makes them cry.

My last relationship ended because she didn’t want anything serious. And the one before that ended on similar circumstances. They both said that at the time they were “just looking to have fun.” Since when did being a nice guy mean that you are no fun? I’d like to think I’m fun. I party occasionally, but I also enjoy taking the girl out to a nice dinner. But apparently that is too much of a commitment. And I thought men were suppose to be the ones afraid of commitment.

It’s come to the point that girls won’t even give a guy a chance just because he is nice. So do we ditch our nice guy images for the mysterious bad boy personas? No. We wait for the girls to realize that in the end they want a nice guy. And so we wait…

Brad Scholten

Mathematics junior

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