Credit: Madison Hirsch / Courtesy

While Cal Poly ASI offers many different workout classes anywhere from yoga to pilates, they also offer these classes outside and off the mat. 

Goat Yoga and Boba is a free yoga session accompanied by miniature goats and free boba from Sequel Tea. Students had the option of jasmine milk tea with boba or jasmine guava tea with lychee. At their last event on Oct. 10, all 150 available spots filled up within the first 20 minutes of registration. 

“One of them filled within eight minutes,” ASI’s Special Events student assistant Madision Hirsch said.

She also said that Goat Yoga and Boba is one of their most popular events, but sign ups had never filled up that quickly before. 

ASI offered three different 30 minute sessions from 11:15 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. Biomedical engineering senior Aimee Nevarez participated in the earliest session. Nevarez had practiced yoga before, but never goat yoga, and after seeing the ASI Instagram post last year, she was inspired to give it a try this year.

“I thought it was a good set up for everyone,” Nevarez said. “I think anybody could do it.” 

She specifically liked it when the owner from Mullenax Ranch, Alex Mullenax, sprinkled goat feed on the participants’ mats allowing the goats to come right up to the students. Nevarez said that while she was trying to take a picture of the goat on her mat, it ran into her camera. 

The breeds of goats used were Nigerian dwarf goats and miniature LaMancha from Mullenax Ranch in Stallion Springs, California. Hirsch explained that ASI has a good relationship with the ranch, and has collaborated with them for the past couple of years for this event.

“It’s always nice to have a returning vendor,” Hirsch said. “They’re super great to work with.”

Although all three sessions filled up quickly, Goat Yoga and Boba was expected to have around a 75% attendance rate, so ASI held an in-person waitlist to accommodate those who did not get the chance to sign up initially. 

“We were able to get everyone in (inside the pen) that wanted to participate,” Hirsch said.

While ASI events are free to students, they are funded through student tuition fees. To get the most out of one’s tuition, Hirsch recommends attending as many of the program’s events as possible. 

The next event put on by ASI will be Fright Fest on Oct. 28 from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. It will include laser tag, roller skating, scavenger hunts and escape rooms. For more information on Fright Fest and future ASI events, check out the ASI Instagram page.