In response to Ingram’s article, “Who would Jesus hate?” I must say that it sounded more like a rant than any organized thought process. Yes, I understand your anger about the molestation of children, and you appear to support the rights of gays, but what does that have to do with Jesus hating anybody?

I am not a Catholic myself, but I am very offended by your spiteful attack on the Catholic Church. As Catholic-bashing seems to be on the rise of late, I find myself in the position of defending them against outspoken idiots like yourself. Honestly, reading your article did not sway me to your side, which exuded the essence of hate itself. Rather, I realized that you are merely an angry individual with nothing better to do than condemn an institution that stands for something greater than itself.

I contend that in spite of all the evils wrought in the name of God, the Catholic Church has done more good than ill, and has brought solace to the lives of billions in the world. Just how many have you helped in your life? Perhaps instead of condemning the pope to hell just before we leave to celebrate the Christmas holiday season, you would do better to reflect the spirit of the season and offer forgiveness toward those who fall short of your own ethical pedestal. I think God knows how to handle his own affairs and does not need “thy help” to assist him in eternal assignation.

Ryan Hunter

Mechanical engineering senior

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