Get caught running a stop sign?

There is a way you can reduce the fees for bicycle and skateboarding citations: Apply for the Cal Poly Skateboarding Diversion or Bicycle Diversion Class.

Completing the course and presenting the certificate of completion to the San Luis Obispo Superior Court could possibly reduce the violation fee. But keep in mind you can only take one class for a citation in any 12-month period. That means you can only do this once a year.

To apply:

1. Contact the San Luis Obispo Superior Court to determine if you are eligible for the class. Its number is 805-781-5143 and the address is 1050 Monterey Street.

2. If eligible, you will go to the Courthouse Annex’s Criminal Department Counter for skateboard citations and the traffic department counter for bike citations to receive a continuance of your case. Courthouse Annex is inside the San Luis Obispo Superior Court.

3. Register for either the skateboarding or bicycle class on the University Police Department (UPD) website.

4. Complete the class and return the Certificate of Completion to the San Luis Obispo Superior Court.

UPD is now providing these classes to the public, and not just Cal Poly students, according to UPD Officer Frank Herrera.

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