Unbelievable. The Nov. 8 special election is rapidly approaching with initiatives that will dictate the running of our state for years to come, and all students seem to feel passionate enough about to write into the Daily is complaints about the inflammatory statements of one Jessica Potter. What she implied was ridiculous but surely there are quite a few of you who consider Proposition 76, or some other proposition, to be equally ridiculous.

The apathy at this campus is truly unbelievable. At soup and substance last Tuesday concerning the ballot initiatives, 50 percent of the attendance was from staff and faculty. Why is the older generation so much more interested? One day when you have kids you might understand how important the future really is and may regret the missed opportunities to do something beyond academia.

It may be too late to register to vote for the upcoming election but there is always 2006, 2008, 2010, . . . I know I will still be in this state for many more years. There is no excuse not to be registered to vote. For those of you who are not U.S. citizens I apologize.

Jay Hann

Mathematics junior

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