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Sullivan Grosz is a leader. He leads the team with 6.5 sacks. He leads as a team captain for the second straight year.

And he leads as a gentleman. This Friday marks the fifth year he’s been dating his fiance, former Cal Poly student Erin Orme, who he proposed to this past spring.

“We just went out to Avila Beach, and it was funny because I had the ring, and I don’t know if you’ve ever been out on to the peer,” business administration senior Grosz said. “There’s big cracks in between the big boards, and we’re walking and I’m stepping on each board, and I’m so worried I didn’t want to drop the ring through the cracks. But I don’t think it blew my cover at all.”

Grosz said he is looking forward to having Erin back in California as he prepares for the 2014 NFL Draft, but first he will need to finish out his final two games at Cal Poly. And going into the homecoming game against Eastern Washington, he has started 32 straight games.

“He sets the tone with his work ethic,” senior linebacker Johnny Millard said. “Every day, he comes out and gives 100 percent, fights through injury. I think that really sets the example.”

The Fresno native has been involved in leadership for a long time. In high school, he was the junior class president and involved in student government all four years. At Cal Poly, he takes his leadership role everywhere he goes.

“Being one of the captains on the team — that’s something that I do every day, I take serious every day,” Grosz said. “Even though I’m always one to throw jokes and have a good time and laugh and joke around, but when it comes down to it and the work ethic, I have to be on top of it all the time.”

Grosz is no stranger to accomplishment. His 20 sacks put him in sixth place on Cal Poly’s all-time career sack list, and he’s three straight starts away from breaking into the top 10 in Cal Poly history. Through all his accomplishments, he’s kept a simple outlook.

“Just lead by example and hopefully those follow,” Grosz said. “Be the best I can and hopefully show what it takes to win, and hopefully people will follow. I think they do, and that reminds me of that every day.”

Grosz will leave a legacy that’s more than just his numbers. Coaches, athletes and the student body will remember him by his attitude and personality.

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