This is in response to Humza Chowdhry’s article “Zionism and the Ongoing Israel Terrorism” He mentions “it’s disappointing to find anyone defending Israel’s violation of UN resolutions and World Court rulings.” It is apparent that there seems to be a many number of people including some of his critics that support the violations as well as the brutality of occupation on Israel’s side. Although I thought the article was fairly balanced because there was recognition of Hamas’ responsibility for the violence, it seems like no one can criticize Israel, what some may call the 51st state of the United States. Actually it’s funny that some of his critics prove his points that we only focus on the violence of Hamas and not on Israel violations which are currently cash starving millions of innocent Palestinians. Ask a Palestinian how the life is in Israel. They have a lack of freedom of speech, aren’t able to move throughout Palestine and have a strict Israeli curfew which Israel dictates on EVERY Palestinian.

Ask how they came into this country and how Israel refuses to recognize the Geneva Convention to return their land back to them.

There are even Israelis who are speaking out against this cruel brutality against the Palestinians like “Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.” I will just let the numbers speak for themselves and cite the resources so there is no question for the authenticity. Now you decide –

Homes demolished since 1967 ( Palestine: 11,000+, Israel: 0; Deaths since September 2000 ( Palestinian deaths: 4,209, children: 892-plus, Israeli deaths: 1,113, children: 113

Ramandeep Kaur

Engineering junior

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