Moving out of the parent’s house means a blank slate. A whole room, or house that is open for interpretation, but a lot of house décor can be expensive. From Ross to World Market this is a guide to decorating on a budget.

Students and non-students go through a process of gradually accumulating things throughout the years. From old roommates furniture to the mirror found on the street with a “free” sign, picking up random items just seems to happen. Making the random work to create a cohesive living room, or an eclectic bedroom can depend on a few good pieces to tie them all together. In San Luis Obispo there is a wide range of stores available for shopping. There are the expensive, World Market, and there is the little less pricey, Ross.

Starting with World Market, which is located off of Madonna rd., there is a wide array of decor from couches to candles. Store Manager Gillian Mote said that World Market tries to have a wide variety of eclectic pieces to choose from, with a lot of the product being from Asian countries.

“We shop the world so customers can enjoy the product and feel like they are on vacation,” Motes said. “Unique, authentic, affordable, we are a one stop shop from vases to flowers.”

World Market offers décor from Thailand, Indonesia, China, India and many other countries. From rugs, pillows, candles to lighting, the market has one of the most thorough selections to choose from. Cal Poly double master student Fritz Light said that he likes to shop at World Market after a holiday or sale.

“I like to be a year behind in stuff, I don’t want to be with the Jones’. I’d rather buy items when I generally like them not when they are cool,” Light said.

Light, who is double mastering in biology as well as agriculture said that budget has a lot to do with how he picks and buys things. Price and personal budget was a common factor that students took into consideration when purchasing items for their rooms.

Environmental management sophomore Christina McAdams said that she prefers to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for items but only when she can afford it.

“I go to Ross because I can still get decent stuff at a good price,” McAdams said. “But if I’m looking for something specific than I have to spend more money.”

Ross is one of the most inexpensive stores in San Luis Obispo that offers décor. Ross Softlines Manager Julie Woosley said that Ross has many students in the store buying anything from sheets to towels, the basic necessities.

“Ross is great because you cannot find anything we have cheaper anywhere else,” Woosley said. “If you have something specific in mind though, chances are you are not going to find it; you have to have an open mind.”

Having an open mind comes easily for some more than others but Cal Poly student and architecture 3rd year Brendan Eberhardt defines what it means to be open to ideas. Eberhardt said that he mainly does things himself naming Home Depot as one of the stores he frequents for his home.

“I like to make my own things, working with different woods and metals to create pieces,” Eberhardt said. “Money is a concern and is a factor, when I build my own stuff it’s cheaper than buying from a store.”

Another store that offers a “do it yourself” as well as already made décor is Beverly’s located downtown. Beverly’s is a fabric store but also a craft store that has a wide selection of furniture. Beverly’s cashier Carly Schneider said that she sees all types of students come into the store, from frats and sororities for parties to students buying posters and paint.

“We have a lot of students come in here to create their own things,” Schneider said. “Canvas’ and paint is a big buy, but it’s not everyday that we sell the furniture.”

From the inexpensive to “do it yourself” to the authentic yet more expensive each store has something different to offer.

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