Tuesday marked the official start of IFC recruitment with a kickoff barbecue on Dexter Lawn, where potential new members (PNMs) got a chance to meet all 16 chapters participating in recruitment.

“I just want to see or get a perspective of the guys here,” business administration freshmen Matthew Houlihan said. “It’s just an easy way to break down a group of people and meet others.”

Chapter recruitment events for each fraternity are held Wednesday through Saturday. Monday is bid day where PNMs may receive one or more bids from different fraternities. All PNMs must accept their bids by Thursday to become a pledge for a fraternity of their choice.

“Being yourself is really big for us. Finding somebody who’s a genuine person and is upstanding, you know that’s what we’re looking for,” Phi Sigma Kappa brother and electrical engineering senior Dalton Wunderlich said.

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