Ryan Chartrand

Hey, Brian Eller, I would like to say, “Bravo!” to you sir. Your column, “Democrats don’t want to win in Iraq” (Feb. 21) inspired me to attempt my skills in opinionated journalism.

First, you state that Democrats are against helping this country and you present two topics, one of which is the Patriot Act. Sections 805 and 505 of the Patriot Act have been declared unconstitutional and eight states and 396 cities have passed resolutions that have nullified the provisions that violate civil liberties. Though the better question is, how does mentioning the Patriot Act in your column, promote your idea that Democrats want to lose in Iraq?

You say that the Democrats want to lose the war because their party doesn’t support George Bush’s plan of a troop surge. Have you looked at the death and wounded toll lately? The number of U.S. soldier deaths in Iraq: 3,147. The number of U.S. soldiers wounded in Iraq: 23,417. The number of deaths from the other coalition countries: 256. The number of Iraqi Security Forces and civilian deaths: 21,646 (this number comes from news reports; the actual number is higher).

So Brian, maybe this will give you a better outlook of why the Democratic party doesn’t want to send more troops to Iraq. Don’t you agree that 25,049 total reported deaths are extremely unreasonable for a war that started under false pretenses, i.e. weapons of mass destruction?

But by all means, if you still feel that a troop surge is necessary and you still feel strongly about the war in Iraq, please go down to 3860 Broad St. Suite 3C, the United States Army Recruiting Office, and sign up for this great war. I’m sure they would be glad to send you over there.

Eric Roesler
Mechanical engineering junior

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