I keep re-reading Brian Eller’s article on global warming and still can’t figure out how he relates this environmental cause to the holocaust. Apparently, people concerned with the depletion of natural resources are Nazis. Good work.

The problem may not be as bad as some activists make it sound, but that does not mean we should ignore the problem completely. The United States backed out of the Kyoto Protocol back in 2001, long before it would take effect in 2008. So why are you arguing a dead issue?

If you are concerned about misappropriated funds how about a more immediate cost like the $205 billion spent in Iraq in the 2005 fiscal year. That is more than we spent combating poverty, developing a cure for AIDS, feeding starving children, providing clean drinking water and controlling malaria combined. “A democratic and stable Iraq that could lead to the eventual democratization of the Middle East” looks to be as far off as us dying from global warming. Should we give up on that too?

Bryan Neff

Physics senior

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