ASI Craft Sale attendees interact with vendors on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022. Credit: Leila Touati | Mustang News

The bi-annual Craft Sale has returned to campus this week. Students can visit the University Union from Monday to Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to purchase from vendors selling various types of handmade crafts. 

Missi Allison-Bullock, a coordinator for ASI programs, said that 40 vendors would be in attendance for each day of the sale. Booths with black tablecloths are easily recognizable from outside the University Union for passing students to stop by in between classes.

What can you expect to find at the craft sale? Allison-Bullock says, “jewelry, pottery, crochet, animal clothing, succulent plants, cards, paintings, soap, lotion and more.”

The craft sale occurs twice a year, once during fall quarter and again in spring.

On Monday, the craft sale opened with vendors selling in-person, as well as poster boards for vendors who could not make certain times during the three days. 

Cal Poly alum Kyra Smith sells photo-realistic oil paintings of beach waves and clouds. Despite not being a vendor at the craft sale as a student, Smith is excited to have her own booth for current students to support her artwork.

“I just think clouds are super pretty and I love the beach — my favorite color is light blue water over white sand, I just think it’s so pretty when it’s crystal clear,” Smith said. “Incorporating that color and that sense of calm that oceans and clouds bring is my theme.”

San Luis Obispo resident Pierce Alter took a ring-making class at Diablo Valley College during the spring and created an art studio in his home over the summer. His booth at the craft sale not only displayed hand-made rings, but also the tools used to make them, a unique approach at drawing attendees into the process of ring-making. 

“I made a couple sales today but these are my first real sales — it’s really exciting,” Alter said. “I try to make everything unique too so it’s a piece only you have. I love it [and] it’s something I’m going to do for a long time.”

Customers cannot pay with cash at the Fall Craft Sale, according to Allison-Bullock. 

All vendors present on Monday will return for the next two days as the Fall Craft Sale continues.

View Monday’s craft sale in photos