Jen Boudevin

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said “public opinion in this country is everything.” Apparently even back in the 19th century, what you thought made even a tiny ripple in the vast sea between knowledge and ignorance.            

            But opinions? Really? They just don’t seem to ever get us anywhere, other than heated debates and confrontational disputes. So what if Bush nominated his BFF to lead our country’s justice system? And who is really counting if developing nations are struggling to fight off mudslides and a growing death toll during “Laguna Beach” or, gasp, “The O.C.?” And who really cares that an approximated 10 percent of our campus voted in last year’s ASI presidential election? Please tell me you’re catching on to the sarcasm – three rhetorical questions in a row is my limit.

             No wonder older generations think that we as “Tomorrow’s Future” need a reality check and a swift kick in the pants-because at least half of us out there don’t seem to really give a damn. Too bad the other half of us do. That we actually hold up our side of the bargain kicking and screaming with protest signs, or ranting and raving in Wednesday columns.

            Well we certainly know Cal Poly has an opinion; What with our fraternities being deemed as rapist-breeding grounds and our salsa dancers coined as scandalous supporters of nudist erotica. Half of us thought you complainers were annoying, but the rest of us, myself included, thought it great entertainment and in a way, uplifting. Not just because it took up at least two weeks worth of letters to the editor, but because opinions were being voiced. Pent up energy was being channeled through to something worthwhile, something you actually cared about.

            Now if only we could create an uprising against bad trends. Yes! Go ahead and fill the mailboxes with threatening comments about oversized bug sunglasses and Uglies, oops my mistake, UGGs with miniskirts. No? Too overdone? Ok, we’ll leave it to their grandkids to tell them how ridiculous they look. All in good time my friends, all in good time.

            But seriously, what if we can find a way to funnel these arguments, protests and opinions and fill up every letter to the editor box in the country? It’ll be a revolution of young adults with something to say on every subject ranging from who we’ll hand over our country to in 2008 to how we’ll censor a half-naked breast to virgin eyes. What would they think of their beloved Tomorrow’s Future? Well for one thing, maybe they would quit telling us to hike up our pants and turn down our music and finally listen as we charge the streets to the distant drumming of “Let’s Get it Started.” Maybe they would quit calling us Tomorrow’s Future and start realizing that we are Today’s Answer, Today’s Call to Action and Today’sHope for, well, tomorrow.

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