Intertidal set up a booth on Dexter lawn earlier this week to encourage students of all years and majors to submit work. Credit: Olivia Davis / Mustang News

The student-run literary and arts journal Intertidal is inviting submissions for its second annual edition. Intertidal features submissions including visual art, poetry, photography, short-fiction and much more, and is meant to be an inclusive and hands-on experience to encourage Cal Poly’s “Learn By Doing” method. 

Intertidal was created by the English students of Professor Shanae Martinez’s editing and publishing senior project course sequence, and aims to create an inclusive environment for students to showcase their passion and creativity through various art forms. 

This journal has modeled itself after Cal Poly’s previous literary journal “Byzantium” but has expanded beyond the English department to include submissions from the entire Cal Poly community across all six colleges on campus. 

“The goal of Intertidal is to unify the entire Cal Poly community. Anybody can submit whether you’re alumni, faculty, or students from any major,” Julia White, an editor for this year’s edition of Intertidal, said.

She states that it is important for Cal Poly students to have a “creative outlet”  since Cal Poly “is a polytechnic school [and] a lot of majors don’t ever have that opportunity to show their creative side.” 

The Intertidal team works closely with the individuals submitting work to make sure they feel supported so that their piece is ready to be published. 

“This year we’re focusing on advertising, such as the booth today and social media getting people to submit, but also we’re working one on one with people who haven’t submitted yet to get their pieces where they’d like to be,” White said.

The name Intertidal was inspired by the area between the land and sea that cultivates biodiversity and sustains various kinds of life. According to their information page, the ‘intertidal zone’ is exposed during low tide, and the Intertidal journal is meant to represent the moment when the tide retreats and reveals the stories buried beneath the surface. 

White and the rest of the Intertidal team want to bring this concept behind their name to life, and cultivate pieces from all different groups on campus while working with the creator.

“We’d love to meet with [the creator] before we submit if that makes [them] more comfortable with the process, and we’re happy to get all submissions,” White said.

An online submission form is currently available for students who want the chance to be featured in this year’s edition of Intertidal, which can be accessed through a google form.

The deadline for submission is Friday, Dec. 8. For any further questions, email or contact their Instagram @cp.intertidal.