Ryan Chartrand

Somewhere through the middle of this film, I wondered if I should make an emergency dash to the restroom in the theater lobby or just outright barf into my popcorn bucket. Heck, the guy three seats over from me did it, so why should I feel embarrassed to follow suit?

Then I thought to myself: never mind the feeling of embarrassmen that is about to shower out of my esophagus; the feeling of embarrassment for sitting through this unbelievable display of “stupid human tricks” that is “Jackass: Number Two” is overwhelming enough.

Certainly, “overwhelming” is the one perfect word to describe the monumentally over-the-top parade of painful hilarity, gratuitous displays of “wang,” and the gross-out, puke-soaked, homoeroticism of “Jackass: Number Two.” It’s just that twisted.

But don’t get me wrong. Just because this is one of the most painful movies to watch doesn’t mean that “Jackass” is void of gut-busting, worthwhile hilarity.

After all, you just might be the type of person to get a kick from the unreasonably profuse amount of disgusting stunts that go down during the 90-minute expanse of this film.

Kicking off the movie’s incessant display of equal parts shocking and side-splitting humor is a wonderful stunt consisting a “wang-puppet” and a boa-constrictor. Use your demented imagination and you’ll see where this one is going.

Throughout “Jackass,” you’ll be sure to find a smorgasbord of similary unbelievable and unimaginable stunts that are sure to make your sides cramp and send tears of laughter rolling down your cheeks. Stunts involving “Jackass” lead-man Johnny Knoxville attempting Evel Kneivel-esque rocket ship flights or “Wee-man” stunt-midget Jason Acuna intruding upon a serious board meeting with nothing but his birthday suit and beer are tops on the list of outright funny moments.

However, when the “out” cast delves into the absurdly disgusting stunts, no doubt intended to make you quiver and squirm, that is when “Jackass” goes far beyond the realm of irrationality.

Let’s just say the “how to milk a stallion” stunt was not something even the most daring would ever consider pursuing.

Hell, it was hard enough attempting to keep my eyes on the screen and the contents of my stomach off of my shirt for that one.

And even though the poor bastard to my left unfortunately used his popcorn bucket like an airline gag-bag, compared to the gross-out spectacles that unfolded on screen, the poor fellow might as well have been regurgitating cup cakes.

As far as “shock-entertainment” goes, “Jackass: Number Two” is justthat hard to watch at times. But even during the most disturbing parts, you just can’t look away or stop feeling embarrassingly and uncomfortably amused.

In comparison to the first film, the boys at Dickhouse Productions went well over their heads for this one, putting their life, limbs, pride and sanity on the line for us.

So, if you feel compelled to watch some of the most hilarious and disturbing acts the cinema can offer, check out “Jackass: Number Two,” and you just might walk away with a good laugh and a nightmare.

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