Remember when you were 10 or 11, if someone said something in full honesty only to immediately realize that all within earshot were in complete opposition, they would attempt to save their dignity by quickly stating, with a smile, that they were “Just kidding”? If not, it probably rings a bell for Jack Ingram, who devoted his latest column to belittling those of differing opinion (classy) and this futile tactic of self-preservation. Sorry Jack, I’m not buying it.

Satirical or not, promoting the current division between Americans is a shortsighted and counterproductive act. Individuals who make a career out of simply complaining are part of a growing problem in this country; Is that what you’re striving for? I understand that your only job description as an opinion columnist is to offer an opinion, but frankly, I don’t care because I still don’t understand why you can’t include, if you have them, plausible solutions, or at least some thoughtful insight as to the root of the problems? It would be a little less useless than just ranting, don’t you think? You’re right that we can’t expect the media to spoon-feed us all the answers, but has it struck you yet that maybe it’s the legislators that need the spoon-feeding? How can those in power know what changes we want if those with a voice can’t even offer any viable suggestions? So Jack, if all you want to do is nag and grumble, stop killing trees. Go write a blog.

Ryan Austin

General engineering sophomore

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