Ryan Chartrand

Hi Mustang Daily! I was just wondering what kind of action Cal Poly is taking against you for printing such a blatantly racist article entitled “Why I hate white people.” What? No action? Oh OK, good, because I was wondering where I go to submit my “I hate brown people” and my “I hate black people” article. Surely that’s also OK since the Mustang Daily has obviously become a paper for printing racist propaganda and ignorance, right?

Mustang Daily, you should be ashamed of yourself for printing such a disturbingly hateful article. One item mentioned that struck a personal cord was the denial of recognizing heritage. Nationally, I am an American. Heritage-wise, I am Irish and Italian and damn proud of both. By James Koman’s logic, no one should be able to describe themselves as Mexican or Argentinian, African-American or Kenyan. What kind of reputation do you want, Mustang Daily? Because articles like this make people lose all faith in you.

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