Political science sophomore Jasmin Fashami won in a landslide victory to become the 2018-2019 Associated Students, Inc. President. Gina Randazzo | Mustang News

When Jasmin Fashami was announced the 2018-2019 ASI President, her supporters erupted into cheers as she covered her mouth in shock.

In a landslide victory, Fashami won with 4,308 votes. Her opponent, George Will, received 1,883.

The 10-day campaign between the two Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) presidential candidates, political science sophomore Fashami and political science junior Will, ended in the University Union Plaza Thursday, April 26. The candidates stood on opposite sides of the plaza, surrounded by their supporters, quietly waiting to hear the election results. Fashami’s win quickly ended the silence.

Many embraces and congratulations followed for Fashami, who expressed gratitude for the opportunity.

“Active campaigning has been so busy — so hectic, but I’m so excited to have the opportunity to serve the ASI ­­— Cal Poly students. I’m so thankful,” Fashami said. “I’m at a loss for words, honestly. This has been such a great experience, I’m so passionate about Cal Poly and [I’m] going to serve the students.”

Will shared warm words for Fashami and intends to continue participating in student government.

George Will walked over to congratulate Jasmin Fashami on winning the ASI presidency. Credit: Gina Randazzo | Mustang News

“I want to congratulate Jasmin on a very, very successful campaign. She was smart, she got her name out there, she was articulate and she was what the student body wanted at this time,” Will said. “I will be putting an application into her Executive cabinet and hope to really bring an impact still, regardless of not being in the position of ASI president.”

Fashami believes Will was a great competitor and wishes him luck in everything he does next year.

The vote counts for ASI president and ASI Board of Directors are unofficial. The numbers will be official once ratified by Board of Directors May 2.

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (4 Seats)

  • Mark Borges — 577 votes
  • James Broaddus — 413 votes
  • Chloe Fowler — 249 votes
  • Layla Lopez — 246 votes

College of Architecture and Environmental Design (3 Seats)

  • Samuel Cunningham  — 202 votes
  • Anthony Beers — 140 votes
  • Emily Taylor (write-in candidate) — 36 votes

College of Engineering (5 Seats)

  • Alan Faz — 717 votes
  • Maggie Cheung — 584 votes
  • Sarah Downing — 532 votes
  • Jon Harger — 333 votes
  • Joe Sandoval — 321 votes

College of Liberal Arts (4 Seats)

  • Noah Krigel — 369 votes
  • Jake Watkins — 340 votes
  • Rob Moore — 318 votes
  • Aliza Herzberg — 165 votes

College of Science and Mathematics (4 Seats)

  • Gabriela Guillen — 404 votes
  • Hayley Grodt — 263 votes
  • Samuel Park — 232 votes
  • Maddie Myers — 167 votes

Orfalea College of Business (4 Seats)

  • Jack Wooldridge — 401 votes
  • Matt Appell — 396 votes
  • Adriena Le — 386 votes
  • Meghan Butler — 281 votes

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